my time’s up, but i had a good time… thanks, me


took time to read your poetry aloud 
(thank you all)

and discuss where the pain is coming from 

the conclusion was astonishing:
mostly other people
(my empathy)

i’m almost in zero pain personally these days, 
and making myself available 
to hurting people i love is ok 
i will make it through this year just fine… 
(the first year without 18, who is in college)

only love people who love you back for real 
(thank you all) 


Note: the point of this post is because people care enough to ask
not to gloat
and to mark the moment i made this commitment 
so i can hold the hands of others
i will make this private, i’m sure
just trying to say thank you 

It suddenly feels like God put a bullet to His chest, the way he looks at you then. All is still, you’re uncertain whether all was at once real, or all had never been. A part of him recognizes you, the way you sit and think and breathe and wonder about the world around you, resigned and insignificant to anything but yourself; a part of him forgot you were ever his, and he yours, and in the stagnant air pouring from his rotting lips you understand the kiss of death could easily be the kiss of life, if he willed it to be. But you turn your head and wonder when intoxication becomes addiction, when your vision gets blurred and your words are softer and the drink you willed destroy you settles in the darkest corners of your mind. He looks at me, and looking back felt like an apology to the sea for ever walking on its sandy shore.
7-weeks//Quotes from the book you didn’t know was about you. (pt. 2)

Twin stones to base a monumental foundation


Cursed by a bloody smile that left fangs dripping crimson delight in form of droplets timed by cycle ending in punctuation

Waving a pirates flag into the attack of oncoming waves and waves of multiple deaths made minuscule in comparison to the treasure noted as booty shining the plank rode instead of walked

Resurrection of lumber was granted during a ceremony otherwise resembling communion in which the flesh was eaten and the elixir was drank from a predestined position perpetrating a number best known to describe a mutual exchange



i talk a lot about yesterdays
hidden underneath a summer weeping willow
safe from the world
safe from her

but summer only lasts not near long enough
and autumns rust withers the leaves
like sandgrit pulling away the veil
exposing me for who i really am

the tears of a child are the saddest tears
and lonely is forever
until the rain washes it away too
i know why it’s called weeping willow

do you